Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about V-ComTM and how you can benefit from using it? We’ve put together a list of questions customers have asked about V-ComTM.

General Questions

Sharing your V-Com device with anyone else is not recommended. As with your face mask, it’s more sanitary if your V-Com is used by you, and you only.

Because V-Com has been classified as a comfort device, a prescription isn’t necessary. You can purchase V-Com by clicking here.

How long you use V-Com is completely up to you. There’s no need to remove it, it’s designed to make your PAP therapy more comfortable. Most people will develop tolerance to the peak flows and pressures of PAP therapy over a period of weeks or months.

Once you can easily tolerate the peak flows and pressures, you can remove your V-ComTM device. If you feel you still need the V-Com device, simply re-install it until you are ready to try PAP therapy without it.


However, since beginning short trials with long-term PAP users we are finding many participants wish to keep and use their V-ComTM indefinitely. V-ComTM not only reduces inspiratory pressure and thus flow, but it “softens” the inspiratory flow curve and many patients are preferring that experience. V-ComTM also appears to decrease unintentional leak and mouth openings which also improves the experience and possibly the therapy. There are also numerous reports that V-ComTM reduces the noise from the device which has led to bedpartners requesting the V-ComTM in the circuit.

If you want to continue using V-Com permanently with your CPAP treatment, we recommend replacing the device every 3-4 months ( Similar to mask, hoses, etc.)

We recommend cleaning your device after each use or each 24 hour period. To clean, just follow our simple instructions here.

Yes, V-Com attaches between the hose and your mask, and works with all known CPAP and APAP machines. You can learn more about how it is installed by clicking here.

Sorry, but V-Com is currently only licensed to be sold within the USA.

V-Com is intended for use with CPAP, APAP, and Bi-Level PAP or BiPAP machines. In the case of Bi-Level or BiPAP,  V-Com affects inspiratory pressure more than expiratory pressure and is not recommended for situations where pressure support is needed.  Typically, if you are on bi-level therapy because they were unable to tolerate CPAP, using V-Com would be acceptable.  If you are using a bi-level machine that is more advanced (such as ST or an ASV), you likely have a diagnosis that is beyond simple Obstructive Sleep Apnea and V-Com is not recommended.  If there is any question about using V-Com with bi-level therapy, please contact your sleep medicine provider.

Installation Questions

Installing V-Com is easy. You can learn more about installing V-Com by clicking here.

Yes, but you will need to attach the device directly to the CPAP machine and the tube instead of the tube and the mask. If you are using a heated tube, you may need a tube extension. You can purchase an extension at

Be sure the white tube stays connected to the mask. Connecting V-Com directly to the mask will not work. When you pull that end out of the long grey tube to the CPAP, make sure that the interior grey piece stays on the white hose.  The grey hose should plug into one side of V-Com and the white tube to the mask (with the grey rim at the end) should connect to the other side of V-Com.  

CPAP Vlogger “Uncle Nicko” has but together a very helpful video on different types of V-ComTM installation configurations. We’ve embeded the video below. To watch the video on youtube, click the lower left corner.

This is typically due to the placement of V-Com in relation to the mask. Some masks will create a “cyclone” effect if the V-Com device is installed too close to the mask. Purchasing a flexi-tube extension typically resolves the issue. Make sure the device is attached to the tube extension and not the mask. 

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