Testimonials from
V-ComTM users

The following testimonials were taken from patients using V-ComTM. In some cases, their identities have been obscured to protect patient confidentiality.

Vloggers who’ve tried V-Com

V-Com Customers

“I will continue using it. I slept much better when using the V-ComTM device. “

“It really makes it a lot quieter. And the pressure when you first turn it on is less forced therefore more comfortable when falling asleep.“

“My experience was wonderful!!! I slept great!!”

“I do like the V-ComTM as the rush of air doesn’t feel as overwhelming as before.”

“Seems to be more quiet with V-ComTM & also seems to keep mask / pillows in place better.”

“I am going to continue to use the v-comTM. It feels like it balances the pressure between inhaling and exhaling and doesn’t make it so overwhelming.”

“I did notice the V-comTM greatly diminished the initial impulse of air when first putting in the head gear. I will continue to use the V-ComTM as it is quiet, and you do not feel the sudden rush of air when first turning on.”

“I plan on continuing to use the V-comTM with my C-Pap treatment. There is a noticeable difference in pressure while the V-ComTM is in use. I initially was concerned with this observation thinking that feeling less pressure would make it less effective in practice. I was incorrect in this assumption. Having now used my machine with and without the V-comTM I have made several observations that have proven to dispel my initial doubts.”

“I intend to keep using it mainly because it makes the machine quieter.”

“I will continue to use V-COMTM. The machine seemed to be louder without V-ComTM and I also didn’t feel like I got as good a sleep without it.”

“I intend to keep using V-ComTM as I like the comfort of the airflow when the device is attached. It feels like the pressure is less, and I feel like I’m breathing better with it.”

“The mask seal has been in the “good” range these past 4 nights. That is highly unusual for me.“

“V-ComTM makes the pressure feel more “even” for me. I will continue to use it.”

“I was very pleased with the results. It made all the difference and I will continue to use it going forward. I slept so much better!”

“I plan to continue using it. It seems to help the airflow of the machine. I get what I need without the full pressure all at once.”

“I found the device to make the initial start of pressure to be more natural. I think this is more comfortable. I plan to keep using it.”

“The V-comTM device reduced the airflow of the CPAP machine which helped me fall to sleep quicker.“

“V-ComTM seems to regulate airflow better than without the device.
I intend to keep using it.”