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What is V̇-Com?

Designed by a leading sleep scientist, V̇-Com for CPAP is a purpose-built FDA-approved tool that makes CPAP treatment quieter, less disruptive,
and easier to access for sleep apnea patients across the globe.

Discover a smarter way to sleep today.

Usage Facts:


of new sleep apnea patients prefer V̇-Com for their CPAP therapy


of long-term sleep apnea patients that tried V̇-Com kept using it


of long-term patients prefer V̇-Com in their CPAP therapy.

What V̇-Com users are saying

Andrew Savage discusses how much of a difference V-Com made in his CPAP therapy.

Lucas Welk noticed a significant change in his CPAP therapy once he started using V-Com.

Chris Kincade talks about how much more comfortable and less noisy CPAP therapy is once he added V-Com. 

Benefits of using V̇-Com

Creates a More Comfortable experience

Designed and engineered to soften inspiratory airflow and pressure, V̇-Com creates a more enjoyable CPAP experience. Awake, more rested, refreshed and energized.

Reduces CPAP Noise

V̇-Com reduces CPAP machine noise. Allow you and your bed partner to get a better nights sleep.


V̇-Com has been show to reduce CPAP noise by up to 25%.

Reduces Leaks in your CPAP Curcuit

Less pressure means a better mask seal, less leaks and less of a need for a full face mask or chinstrap.


V̇-Com reduced the need for chinstraps in 85% patients.

Works With ALL CPAP devices

Best of all, V̇-Com is simple to install and works with all CPAP devices and equipment.


Just attached the device between you mask and machine and start enjoying a more comfortable experience.

Join the thousands of CPAP users who are finding relief with V-Com

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing V̇-Com is easy. You can learn more about installing V̇-Com™ here.

How long you use V̇-Com is completely up to you. There’s no need to remove it, it’s designed to make your PAP therapy more comfortable. Most people will develop tolerance to the peak flows and pressures of PAP therapy over a period of weeks or months.


Once you can easily tolerate the peak flows and pressures, you can remove your V̇-Com device. If you feel you still need the V̇-Com™ device, simply re-install it until you are ready to try PAP therapy without it.

However, since beginning short trials with long-term PAP users we are finding many participants wish to keep and use their V̇-Com™ indefinitely. V̇-Com™ not only reduces inspiratory pressure and thus flow, but it “softens” the inspiratory flow curve and many patients are preferring that experience. V̇-Com also appears to decrease unintentional leak and mouth openings which also improves the experience and possibly the therapy. There are also numerous reports that V̇-Com reduces the noise from the device which has led to bedpartners requesting the
V̇-Com in the circuit.

If you want to continue using V̇-Com permanently with your CPAP treatment, we recommend replacing the device every 3-4 months ( Similar to mask, hoses, etc.)

We recommend cleaning your device after each use or each 24 hour period. To clean, just follow our simple instructions here.

Sharing your V̇-Com device with anyone else is not recommended. As with your face mask, it’s more sanitary if your V-Com is used by you, and you only.

Because V̇-Com has been classified as a comfort device, a prescription isn’t necessary. You can purchase V-Com by clicking here.

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